· THE GOLDEN TANNING SAFE RULE:   Don't Ever allow yourself to BURN!

· WEAR PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR:  Eyelids are too thin to block UV radiation causing irreversible damage to your eyes in little to no time at all ~ NEVER TAN WITHOUT PROTECTING YOUR EYES.  Eyelids are too thin to block UV and can be easily damaged if not protected during your tanning session.  The FDA requires the use of eye goggles during every tanning session.  Inadequate eye protection can lead to several forms of eye disease such as cataracts, photokeratitis, pterygium and eye lid cancer.

· Use SPF lip balm each time you tan to protect your super sensitive and easy to burn lips.

· Use tanning lotions to absorb the most UV light from your session.  A 10-minute tanning session without lotion will only absorb 5 minutes of UV light.

· To avoid white circles on your shoulders, buttocks, and/or lower waist (which are "pressure points"), alternate positions so the blood flow will not be constricted in these areas.

· Tanning Nude:  If you plan to tan nude, be careful about areas not accustomed to sunlight.

· CERTAIN MEDICATIONS CAN MAKE YOU BURN: Some medications can cause reactions with UV light.  If you are taking medication be sure to consult your doctor prior to tanning. 



· Bronzers and Tanning Lotions are the key element for advanced development of your tan.  To get the best results with your tan possible, you should invest in a body scrub to exfoliate skin, tanning lotion, tan extending moisturizer and a tan extending body wash.

· MOISTURIZING before, during & after is the key to obtaining the perfect glowing tan.

· Alternate between a bronzer and a white lotion to get a more natural looking tan.

· Apply a tan extending lotion immediately after your tanning session to lock in bronzers and extend the life of your tan.

· Facial lotions are a great way to protect your facial skin against clogging your pores and provide anti-aging protection.

· Always apply bronzers in a circular motion to avoid streaking. 

· Lotion should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.  Heat can tamper with the chemical makeup of the lotion.

· Never use outdoor tanning lotion or oils.

· If you feel you have been overexposed, use an aloe-based cooling gel and hydrator.